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Are you looking to make your dreams a reality to illuminate your path to success? Here at Blacklight Coaching, Inc. We collaborate to inspire your spirit and amplify your voice to reach your personal and business goals.

Hello & welcome to Blacklight Coaching Inc! I’m your personal Cheerleader Jennifer Black – I am a Graduate of Jacksonville State Univesity where I received my MBA. I am currently a Doctoral candidate at Lancaster Bible College, advocate, motivational speaker and creator/host of the podcast“Tell Em Why You Mad, Sis! Speak what you REALLY feel. I am committed to helping black women and others build their legacy and ensure their voices are heard. Now is YOUR time to move into  your manifestations!

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Coaching Services

  • Executive Coaching

    We believe that your leadership must be healthy and whole. For many of us, that leadership potential must be unlocked through coaching and development. Our executive coaching mentorship will expand your leadership capacity, assist you in solving problems, and develop the leadership greatness that is within you!  As you grow, your business will as well.


    Coaching can take you from who you are to who you dream of becoming. By empowering you to see yourself with the right mindset, you can make the right changes to become your best self. That person you imagine becoming is within your reach! Sign up for coaching. Your future self will thank you!


    One of the most elusive goals we face is achieving life balance. Figuring out who you are while balancing your home and work can feel overwhelming. We will help you break down the barriers you feel to experiencing your greatest self. Balance should never be overwhelming. With our help, you can create the life and the world you have always wanted.

  • exceptionally talented & empathetic

    I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer Black of BlackLight Coaching, an exceptionally talented and empathetic life coach with expertise in leadership, faith, strategic goal setting, and psychology, who has greatly helped me break through to my next level.

    Riley Roberts

  • patient & non-judgmental approach

    Coach Black embodies the heart of a servant, trusting in God’s guidance; her patient and non-judgmental approach provided a safe space for me to open up at my own pace, and her gentle yet impactful push encourages one to become their best self—I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Black for all your life coaching needs.

    T Osborne

  • authentic & committed

    Jennifer Black at Blacklight Coaching is an authentic and committed life coach whose three-year ministry anniversary reflects her unwavering dedication to personal and spiritual growth; her transparency about her struggles and transformative journey, including weight loss, makes her a beacon of hope and inspiration for those seeking empowerment. Highly recommended for a holistic coaching experience.

    Rich Stephens

  • invested in my growth

    Working with Blacklight Coaching was an incredibly impactful experience—knowledgeable, empathetic coaches invested in my growth, helping me identify goals, develop a plan, and providing ongoing support and accountability; I highly recommend Blacklight Coaching to anyone seeking positive life changes and realizing their full potential. Thank you for the excellent service!

    K Jones

  • holistic transformation

    In just over six months with Coach Jenn Black, my life has transformed mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Her transformative approach, patience, and joyful demeanor make the journey comfortable and rewarding—I highly recommend her as an investment in oneself for embracing life’s purpose. Grateful for the experience as the best form of self-love, I look forward to continued growth in the next 12 months with certainty that life will exceed expectations.

    Carly Kopinski

  • uniquely divine

    Blacklight Coaching provides uniquely divine and personalized services that empower individuals to navigate life challenges, guiding them toward their life purpose. In my experience with Jennifer Black in Life Coaching sessions, her patience, kindness, support, and genuine passion shine through; she skillfully employs active listening and serves as a reflective mirror, offering both support and challenges for optimal growth. Grateful for the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend others to do the same.

    Marina Martin

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